Mumbai’s First Mobile Maker Space

DIY on Instructables

Here it is, the official Maker Auto Instrucable:


Fresh Paint Time

We are nearing the final stages of the build process, and what that means is time for a fresh coat of paint. Look at that baby shine!

IMG_9610 2   IMG_9635

Back to The Future Doors

Ever since the project’s inception, one dream has been to have gull-wing doors, and this was one dream we didn’t want to back down on. This auto won’t be quite like a Lamborghini, but the doors might remind you of one. Here’s the first sneak peak of the doors.


Gas Welding Time

Most of the work on the auto has been arc welding, but there were a few parts that needed to be a little more sensitive. The new floor and some custom body work was done in no time flat by a professional auto body gas welder.



The engine was in pretty good shape when we got it, but that doesn’t mean we can ignore the mechanical bits of this vehicle. Shaym, Coby and Mayur all got in pretty deep on the brakes before calling in for a little expert help.


IMG_8985 IMG_9645

Oh no, RUST

When you buy an old vehicle in a place where it rains a lot, you need to expect some rust, but somehow we didn’t expect quite this much. Luckily, the maker Auto team isn’t afraid to get down and dirty with an angle grinder. Now its time for a new floor.

IMG_8845 IMG_8848


Before the reconstruction work on the Auto can begin some deconstruction is necessary. We tore off the whole back of the auto with an angle grinder and some spanners.

The Auto Has Arrived

At long last, the auto has been delivered, and we got right to work stripping off the parts we won’t need. It’s about 8 years old, but all things considered it’s in great shape. Stay tuned to see it fly in the next few days.

IMG_8660  13232974_1091537590905858_1011820542612467_n  13260063_1092118990847718_8064544515218441594_n  13064640_1268383176523482_8458535124430047200_o