Mumbai’s First Mobile Maker Space

The Auto Has Arrived

At long last, the auto has been delivered, and we got right to work stripping off the parts we won’t need. It’s about 8 years old, but all things considered it’s in great shape. Stay tuned to see it fly in the next few days.

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The Final Push on IndieGogo

Although it may not look like it on the IndieGogo page, we are a mere $424 from reaching our fundraising goal. Help us reach our goal, so that we can make sure that our classes and workshops remain free of charge.

Click here to contribute.

Our New Sponsor

As of this week, industry-leading software company Autodesk has signed on as our biggest sponsor. Autodesk is committed to supporting making and creativity in many regards. As a core value, Autodesk believes in promoting maker communities around the world because more people feeling empowered to make change locally means more life-changing innovations.

As part of our partnership the Maker Auto team will be using Autodesk Fusion360 in our 3D modeling work on the project.

Big thanks to Autodesk for your commitment.

Screen Shot 2016-04-12 at 3.40.00 PM


We presented the project plan for officials at Autodesk and the state government of Maharashtra as part of the ‘Maker in Maharashtra’ campaign.




Maker Auto - New copy

Think of an auto rickshaw mixed with the car from Back to the Future. Add the tools from a maker space and the curriculum from a science or engineering class you wish you had in school. Now take that and set it in the heart of Mumbai. The Maker Auto will be a mobile link between the Makers’ Asylum (  and the greater community of Mumbai. We will be conducting workshops in collaboration with a variety of community groups, neighborhood associations, and nonprofit educational organizations from throughout the city.

The excitement and energy about innovation and building things in a maker-space is palpable, but how far can we extend that excitement? How can we bring that creativity energy to collaborations in the greater community of a Mumbai? India has countless people who make their living building things, but physical building activities are not often viewed as a respectable career path. Handwork is often associated with low wages and is not respected by many of India’s educated elite. Can we show the greater community that making and building things by is an essential part of some of the best innovations? Let’s work together to build a mobile platform for making collaboration to expand our community of change-makers.