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The Unsung Heroes

The Maker Auto’s Unsung Heroes

No project of this scale ever happens without the help of others. Over the course of the build project I (Coby) have tried to give credit where credit is due to the core team members, but missed out on thanking a few other people who played crucial rolls in the project. These are the unsung heroes of the project, in no particular order. Thank you to the moon and back.

Ashok:  33d32f73-d188-474f-8983-edf035631755

We ran into some troubles when trying to get the Auto registered and road legal, but luckily, Ashok was there to help. He has not hesitated to go to the Road Transit Office before work on countless occasions to sort out the paperwork issues.

Varsha:  pp-1

Varsha is Mayur’s mom, but it feels like the rest of us are her adopted kids. Especially for Coby, who has been half way around the world from home, having home cooked food has been a dream.

Mansingh:  5f6d55fb-1c6d-41e3-b5b3-7efe96a16a26

Sometimes finding the right part in time for a tight deadline is a huge challenge. Over the last few months Mansingh has saved the day more than a few times with last minute fixes and parts. Thanks to him, we still made it on stage even when the auto wouldn’t start just hours before show time at Autodesk University.

Sunaina: 1598_1032224860133517_4116041062587528638_n

It isn’t always easy keeping the operations of a maker space in order, but Sunaina does a pretty great job of it. It is no small thanks to her that the budgeting and acquisition of the auto and it’s materials happened mostly without a hitch.

Ajit: 10520826_10202803281958157_7137729521906984688_o

I hesitate to include Ajit in this post, because he probably deserves a post of his own, but I know that he would be too humble to accept it. Ajit has been a part of the team since the idea first formed the better part of a year ago. His contributions range from helping to secure funding from Autodesk, to getting us on stage at the launch event, to waking up in the middle of the night to save us from an unfortunate run-in with the police (don’t worry, we didn’t actually do anything wrong).